Sunday, November 25, 2007

maybe a model, or maybe a doll enthusiast?

an image sent in from someone's myspace profile: is she a model, is she a doll enthusiast or are models dolls in some ways? all the dressing up and posing for other peoples benefits, while remaining calm and controlled by the people around her.

so is it the photographer, makeup artist, stylist or the clothes designer that imposes the doll look on the model or is it a combination of all the above and the model is just a willing blank canvas to hire? does she have a say or just lets the get on with it and transform her.

i remember reading an interview with Yasmin La Bon saying the thing that she missed about modelling was the attention and that she could just stand there and clothes would be put onto her and then removed when finished...

for amateurs where money isn't really involved, more of a barter system is in place for prints, CDs and experience, then i'd imagine the model has more of a say over what she wants to participate in and become. which makes me think that in that group of 'alt' models then there is a core interest in dolls and becoming one even just for the length of time of a photoshoot.



Anonymous said...

How are her eyes done? Is that make-up on her eye lids or crazy contacts?

sick puppy said...

Interesting... It could be this.

blackice said...

I've seen close up contacts like that on someone and they are impressive. Actually that was most of his costume at a fetish event in London. And he said he could see.

Photographically I've done this too in the fetish fairytale I did and I just painted down the eyes but kept the highlights and reflections for the shape of the eye