Sunday, November 18, 2007

hypnosis in second life

yes, i am still in second life. do say hello if you see me modelling in the new Kayliwulf Kingdom or wandering around elsewhere looking for interesting things. i also have a habit of cashing in all my model credits, buying stuff and then giving latex to passerby's i like. one of my random clicking on people profiles brought me to WinterRose's store which is turning into an empire of hypnosis occupying a two floor store with custom hypnosis machines and loads of scripts for these devices.

its an area that i can see having amazing possibilities, ones i'd gladly and deeply embrace (to the point of being made latex in my my own mind 24/7) though sadly not really had it work on me yet. maybe i need one on one sessions, or possibly i have emmotional bagage thats hindering it.

hypnosis in secondlife is big, and growing so it seems.

so anyone who has had real sl hypno experiences, can you please post in comments about them and tell us all what happend and how well it worked?



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to trance very well so far in SL. I've tried a couple different Hypnotrons if you count the sphere at Hypnodolls, but the best I've managed is a little bit of relaxation/ disconnection. I've witness a few inductions though and it is fascinating to watch. although one occasion the hypnotist had to end the induction early as a the subject was beginning to complain of headaches, possibly from the trigger.

(also, Hypnodolls is actually five floors, but almost everything happens on the lower two. Winterrose has an eyes vendor with over 70 pairs available on floor four ;) )


sylvrgirl said...

I have the Dollytron and while it is okay by itself, my better hypno experiences have been when I've been someone's submissive (even if they aren't directly controlling the hypno session).

I can trance okay and pick up mannerisms but RL sense perceptions haven't changed.

You might also want to visit Hypnosis Magic; they have some lovely stuff, too.

and as someone who benefitted greatly from your latex giveaways: thank you!

Asudem Latex said...

i've had a few offers of late but no follow throughs on rubberisation. still dream that its possible


WinterRose said...

The eyes vendor up on the 4th floor is in my room. I believe it's got 129 pairs of eyes in there actually. Several of them spirals or some whitewashed ones. Some doll eyes in there too.

As far as H. Magic goes, Caveat Emptor folks. There's addiction language in their scripts, and they're not, in my own opinion anyway, the most ethical of folk. At least, I haven't seen a thing happen there without our having implemnted it first.

I'd certainly recommend a few chapters of Lady Ruetha's 'Realm of Bliss' podcasts for beginners. Especially in the area of the modes by which people learn and assimilate information. If you're a visual person, things to fixate on work rather well. But if you're a tactile person, or go by hearing... or are a very analytical person with preconceptions as to what a trance state feels like, you're likely to have a tougher time with a Hypnotron, which by its very nature has to be a visually based thing.