Sunday, November 04, 2007

simon O's new pants

i had a nice email from Simon O who is a regular reader of this blog about his new range of woman's latex trousers. he's made a neat flash animated photo sequence which is really slick and works well as a new way to show off the clothes. it's here.

he does get it too, that you can mix and match latex with various other types of clothes and look great. i guess that the latex leggings broke that fashion barrier wide open so it was sort of logical to do jeans and trousers in different styles. i hope he can expand the market beyond the fetish scene.

strange though that it comes just after i've ordered a pair of skinny jeans and been wearing them almost non stop for the last two plus weeks. ;-)

if you have a pc you can download an exe file and play it locally on you computer, so do have a look.


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