Sunday, November 18, 2007

just because its a designer peice

sort of a follow on to my entry about heel-less shoes, is about this lovely image sent in by Xu Xu from NYT Style Magazine of designer Marni's latex top with fur edges.

ok, i think the shot is really good and moody - but the top is hideous!

apparently the designer is experimenting with latex and has done a few things but from the googling i've done they're only marginally better than molded latex which is pretty bad. guess all you need is a full page, makeup, model with a head shaped like an egg and a quizical look and good photography to sell something.

god knows what the dry cleaner would do too it if you brought it in for cleaning. doesn't even looked lined in any way so it will be very cold unless your layering it.

in a way it has sort of inspired me, my plan to get a short rain jacket made from latex based on the black shiny PVC ones that are big this fall is still on the cards and all i have to do now is make up some sort of exotic sounding brand name and i'm a designer.



sick puppy said...

Asudem Latex is a good name for a designer...

Asudem Latex said...

thanks for that vote of confidence :-)


Throughfare said...

Hey go for it Ausdem Latex!

With the passion you have for latex, you would create things that really resonate.

Having worn latex in cold weather, I can give you a few hints:

Lining is bad. It soaks up moisture, and then evaporative cooling makes you miserable. It's signficantly heavier than unlined latex to begin with, and it gets really heavy if it gets damp.

Latex has one good characteristic for winter- it's impermeable to air & water which means it can protect you from wind, rain & snow.

It also has one bad property for winter- It conducts heat really fast, i.e. is the opposite of an insulator.

The way to use latex in cold weather is to take advantage of its windproof properties, but keep it off your skin, so it can't conduct your body heat away so fast. You want a layer of air between you and the latex, since air is a great insulator

An unlined latex cape, coat or robe can actually be fabulously warm if worn over a "wicking" insulating layer of clothes. It's very light, and it stops the wind dead.

If you're wearing tight latex, you want to have an insulating layer of air between you & the latex. One very easy way to do this is to wear fishnet under the latex. Make sure the fishnet cells are small enough that the latex doesn't dimple in and touch your skin (and look a bit like cellulite :) This will give you fall weather levels of warmth, and will even feel great in winter if you have a coat, and you'll even not get too hot indoors.

It is absolutely fabulous to be outdoors in cold, windy weather, and have it bounce right off you while people wearing "normal" materials freeze as the wind blows through the material, or as rain & snow soak it.

For really cold temps, you need to go to the polypropylene underlayers that the wintersport athletes use, but this can be a bit much if you go indoors.

Anonymous said...

To me it is the mix of industrial raw design mixed with fashionable fur that makes the design great