Saturday, November 03, 2007

pretty as a picture

an email from from my friend Bauble Headz contained this set which is from a pay site which i think might be based or at least all shot in russia.

the idea is pretty neat and if i was stuck into a vacbed and hung on the wall i'd certainly like a nice frame.

has anyone else but me tried a real vacume bed? i swear i could be dipped in glue, put into it and just left like that for days or weeks on end. for those who know what a delight a catsuit is, then imagine this if you can; being in a vacume bed will make your tightest catsuit feel like a track suit...

so u can see why i'd like to spend alot more time in one.



sick puppy said...

They stole my idea!...
I haven't tried a vacbed, but would like to.

Judy Upton said...

I've only tried a vacbed once (a few years ago) but I can relate, the sensation is unique and quite fantastic.

blackice said...


Torture Garden did an evening event at the Barbican Gallery in London last thursday to co-incide with an exhibition on the history of sex. There were various models wandering around posing and I managed to frame up (as it were) one of them agaist a huge paiting of a woman and a goose. Neither of which were visible in the composition, I just wanted the gold frame.