Sunday, November 25, 2007

its official - doll suits are a trend!

well its broken sort of into mainstream net conciousness with the entry on the trendhunter site here. notice they refere to the lic laq doll suit made for Marquis in Germany with no comment on the one made 2-3 years ago by Libidex.

so a bit slow on the trend side.


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Andre said...

So this site says they're a trend... I don't buy it. I know a lot of pervy rubber people and noone I know is rocking one of these suits, nor have I ever seen one at a party. Not to say that dolls aren't getting more into the mainstream (see "Lars & The Real Doll")I just wouldn't go out expecting to see someone in one of these.

Anyway, trends be damned. Who has time to think so much about what other people are doing?