Sunday, November 18, 2007

pink latex boots - maybe

a flyer given out in a large pack at the skin two rubber ball weekend this past october has made it to me as a scan.

there's the pleaser brand of rubber knee high boots which aren't very shiny and the gorgeous pointed toed ones sold by Simon O, and according to Latexa themselves these are prototypes and the flyer is designed to see how many people are interested in them.

they seem to be using the same pink latex that they've now adopted throughout their range but i can't tell much from the photo.

still we'll know more next year if they start production. email them direct at for more information and do mention where you saw it.



Betty LaBamba said...

i'm a sucker for pink...

but i, personally, prefer a round toe.

SanderO said...

I suppose they will offer them in other colors... and too pointy toes do look dopey. Interesting to see how some companies are innovating with latex. SimonO seems to be leading.