Thursday, November 15, 2007

tights for christmas stockings

just in from Libidex is as special 1/2 price offer on their black latex tights.

the email newsletter which anyone can sign up for on the Libidex homepage has news and generally a 1/2 price offer per issue which generally comes out every month or so. in the one i received today:

The return of the newsletter clothing special! This month we’re delighted to offer a 50% discount on our best-selling Classic tights. Made in a thinner, tighter rubber as standard, and with their clever design creating a natural back-seam, our Classic Tights are sure to add that touch of glamour, whether worn as part of an outfit, or as casual attire.

The offer applies for one week from today on orders from the Libidex website, reducing the standard price of £66.95 to a shockingly low £33.50. Just mention "newsletter offer" with order to get this special price.

Tights as a stocking filler? It may sound bizarre, but it just might work!

so all you fashionistas - if you were after a pair of latex leggings, why not go that little bit further and cover up your toes too? i know i will.

oh and if you follow through and order do mention this blog as maybe they'll advertise or give me a free pair 'cos I could always use a second pair ;-)



Asudem Latex said...

if anyone is wondering i did get a pair ordered today. think i'll be wearing them alot.... something more subtle than latex jeans or the jodpurs i have on order.


SanderO said...

That's great. If they are done in the thin latex, you'll find them very comfortable for long term wearing. What you probably want to do, if you mix them with cloth is to chlorinated them to remove any friction and make them easy to pull on and off and not snag on upholstery etc. I didn't see the special offer on their site though.

marqu said...

The offer is in the newsletter, not on the site, asudem mentioned that.

Asudem Latex said...

i'll let you all know when they arrive. i think i'll be able to mix and match them with alot of things.

as too chlorinating them, i need to see about that


SanderO said...

Did you order them already? Shipping is a lot... want to bundle an order?

Anonymous said...

yeah the tights look really hawt ^_^

have fun with 'em asudem!