Saturday, November 03, 2007

skin two and the new doll suits

i do subscribe to a few uk and other fetish designers email lists and was pleasantly surprised by one from Honour last week. they have taken over the Skin Two latex line and now sell it themselves. there was alot of more delicate thin pink latex on offer as part of the new collection.

then i spotted it! a pink catsuit in baby pink and a doll hood! put them together and instant doll suit!

i like the catsuit but the hood is definately on the sex doll side of dolling. still it saves putting on any makeup to go out which is fine fo rsome people but really not my thing at all. surely something much better could be done, less is more in make-up you know..

if you want to check them out then click here and here.



Judy Upton said...

The thing is, for similar money, you could have a hand made, custom sized baby pink catsuit from the same people that made mine:

They are great people that do lovely work, check out their advert if you haven't seen it:

Says it all, really!

blackice said...


I sold the one I had made for my ex-gf now. So thats no longer available.

I think as a suit and hood I was the first one to get it listed in a store/website: libidex..

Wonder how many they've sold