Monday, December 08, 2008

anyone seen these shoes?

they're on a pay website Nadia Heels which is related to her shoe store. and yes i did email her and all i had was a bounce.

i'm not too keen on the wood effect or the large base, though the over all idea and style of a clear wedge heel i'm definately in love with. there's not too much of a step between this and the the boots warn by Posh thats been all over the glossy gossip mags, the net and the fetish sites.


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slut mona said...

slut mona thinks these shoes were once made by a US-based shoe manufacturer specializing in platform shoes mostly bought by exotic dancers and adult film actresses. slut mona doesn't remember, however, if it was Tony Shoes, Pleaser or Ellie. These were sold, some years ago, by online stores like Wicked Temptations, Pierre Silber, How Cool etc. Perhaps emailing them could help you get some more information... slut regrets she didn't get the chance to buy a pair back when they were in production.