Monday, December 15, 2008

a uk yahoo group

i was looking around other peoples collections of yahoo groups when i joined Grouply last week and spotted this image.

its from a UK only group on latex dolling and the image i thought was just entrancing. besides saving it, i forgot which group it came from and failed to bookmark it. i think in part as it was because it wouldn't accept non-uk users.

is anyone a member? if so can you send in any more information and complement the owner on the image. i'll update this entry accordingly.



Anonymous said...

Today I received an email from someone asking me to join "grouply" under the guise of: "I like your posts". I quickly googled and found some seemingly bad things. Be cautious/look into it.

- Dan

Vidal Tripsa said...

I'd be more than happy to have my UK-based Puppeteer sign up, but there are 72 groups listed under that particular fetish on Yahoo. Which is it? All I can see is that it's apparently not "dollcollective".

Anonymous said...'s not at my group. *lol*

Sorry things have been slow to dead there lately.

Real life's been a pain. Also I'm having to switch to a new machine, new internet service too and not really liking the idea of doing either one.

But yeah. To my knowledge we're not UK based or UK exclusive anyway.

Just saying,

Bradley Poe (dollcollective owner...sorry for not being inspired and doing much with it lately)

samantha_nw said...

Hi There
I love your site and been reading it for ages, imagine my suprise to see my pic in my pink rubber dolly outfit and inflatable ball hood, best of all, you find the pic entrancing.thanks for the compliment

doll_delinquent said...

very kewl doll image.