Saturday, December 27, 2008

tight and shiny: a plan 'B'

a conversation with a friend in secondlife earlier today reminded me of the bookmark for the Fetish Wear site whose PVC catsuits are used extensively in House of Gord videos and photos. 

her problem was one i hope i never succumb too - she breaks out in red spots when wearing latex. she's been following latex styles and imagery since she was young so it must of been utterly heart breaking to react that way when she tried on her first item.

she's now switched to PVC and as she said its not the same as latex. 

i totally agree. 

the quality of PVC is all over the place and and getting a really latex like tight fit seems to be impossible. which is when i remembered the PVC Catsuits to the right. 

the hoods look really good too. considering how much bending and restraints are applied to them if you've even ever caught a teeniest glimpse at one of those NSFW videos then you'll more inclined to buy one if your in a similar unfortunate position. 

another thought came to mind that it was actually the latex itself??? if i had a couple of reactions from the chinese made catsuit which i put down to a heat rash then maybe someone more sensitive skin could react much more. 

maybe the same problem i read about of 1,000 people suffer horrific burns from 'toxic' leather sofas ?

can't say for sure but i did suggest it too her as one possibility as well as an allergic reaction to something in the talc or lube she used. to test both those ideas as well as the latex source i suggested she order something from Latex Essence in the uk as they will chlorinated your own latex or sell you clothes prechlorinated.

i'll keep you all posted as how it turns out and maybe by then i'll have my complentary pair of latex leggings from Latex Essence once the photoshoots been done in early Feb (last time i had an update from the photographer as the model is away in Brazil).


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blackice said...


This just came in this mornings email and I had the thought that maybe its not a latex sensitivity per se, but other baseline health issues:

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I know the Vitamin D is working to keep the cold and flu away from me.