Saturday, December 27, 2008

filmed just right

i was poking around from link to link on youtube last week and found this lovely short teaser from Latex Culture which prompted me to visit their homepage. they certainly know how to light latex so it has a perfect shine too and aren't afraid to use cutting and close-ups in their videos unlike some others i've peeked at.

yes it is a pay site which is fine and i really have no urge to subscribe too such things, though i did quite like their imagery and also their downloadable video clip which covers a range of latex fetishism including a vacume bed being used.

the original video clip from youtube is bellow and there's a few more in the series i believe. much much more are available when you subscribe of course.



SanderO said...

One thing which has occurred to me which seemed to very much apart of fetish is that unlike the spontaneity of vanilla sex which seems to be about quickly getting naked and doing all sorts of normal sexual things, fetish sex seems to be about building sexual tension through images (carried in the imagination, online etc.) and the fact that it involves getting into "gear" and outfits which take a fair amount of time. It's a kind of reverse of getting turned on by stripping down.

And then there are the fetish looks which daring people can actually wear day to day (and it's becoming less tabu) and extend this process essentially turning yourself in an object of fetish desire for yourself and others (random or youir partner(s)) who all seem to be susceptible to this type of cranking up of erotic desire.

It almost doesn't matter than there is anything resembling sex in the end, as it seems to be more about arousal and the orgasms which may follow are not triggered in the "conventional" manner. So a lover of being bound tight will find the process arousing and at some point might experience orgasm from it.

The entire re-direction of focus of sexuality to the arousal phase and associating it with "restrictive, tight, shiny, enclosing" clothing which can actually be done "in public" (more or less) is both liberating and radical.

Vanilla's are made uncomfortable because they perceive a person enclosed in rubber as having "sex" merely by wearing the suit, even though they don't see "sex" taking place. Yet many people see the contradiction in this and simply see latex,.tight shiny and enclosing as being just another form of dressing sexy with a kinky reference as opposed to a low neckline, a push up bra and a short skirt.

Fetish clothes also make exhibition much more acceptable and possible than "sex in public". You can wear actual clothes, get a rise from doing it and be "acceptably" dressed, that is not actually having :"sex" as far as the law is concerned. I suppose this accounts to the danger and the thrill so many fetishists feel when venturing out completely dressed on their rubber. To them it is a rebellious sexual expression and to most others it is just and odd and uncomfortable clothing choice.

SanderO said...

By the way, one thing which has always disturbed me about "hoods" is that they really make a "mess" out of the nose.

Now a nose is not especially an attractive or sexy feature on the face... it seems to be all about eyes and lips for obvious reasons.

But a bad nose messes up a pretty face and a good nose really can do a lot for the entire impact. After all all the facial surgery started with "nose jobs".

The shape of a nose is pretty suble and clearly hard to "enclose" with any sort of fidelity. Latex hoods are notorious for bad fitting for the nose typically crushing it and actually making most hoods uncomfortable to wear.

And almost all hoods cover the nose while a few cover the eyes and or the mouth,

But even when you can't read the shape and size of the nose in the frontal view, the silhouette in profile is almost always a visual disaster How unfortunate this is because to my eye the visual benefits that hoods can impart to the eyes and lips is destroyed by what it does to the nose.

Aside from fit complaints I have never read anyone, especially females complain about hoods making their noses look like shapeless blobs.

The anatomical styles (molded) do a much better job at this, but these styles are not as popular. Maybe a hybrid of a molded and a panel hood?

Asudem (and others) have you thoughts about this?