Friday, December 19, 2008

the Balenciaga coat

was in all the fashion magazines over the past year and i keep wondering why-o-why does it take a serious designer to make something really innovative with latex? (which then ironically get splattered all over the mainstream fashion press and media) is it the costs and time? or at a consumer level there's just not enough of a demand?

it's very sculptural and in some very obvious ways insect like which reminds me of some of the illustrations at the Fetish Dreams site. maybe thats where top end designers go for inspiration? who knows?

images were found at the Kinky Gerlinky Forum as posted by Carlo. there's also a link to a megaupload stored video so you can download that too.

i wonder if there will be cheaper PVC knock offs made or will i just need to add it to my ever growing list of things to buy when i win the lottery. 



FantasticRubber said...

many designers has try to make fashion from latex, PU, PE and many other sintetic materials. But only a few are succesful.

When I look at the seams I think, no woman will ever wear this clothes. The pattern must correspond to the material, but what the pictures show is, that the designer used standard-pattern for any thin material.

My experiences show that latex labels are not necessarily good designers, but designers can't produce latex clothing.

WendyB said...

Very cool.