Tuesday, December 09, 2008

old doll head

as spotted on concious objects livejournal.

the special effects company makes a range of masks and this fits in well with the recent film The Strangers. if you own an EGL dress then your well on your way to make your own horror film.

you can seem more images and actually buy one here. there's also a video clip of it being worn.

i have emailed them and heard back. they said they can make any mask you like. with Doc Vanderlay missing in action there's no chance for more masks from him. sad as his anime and doll like Paris Hilton masks here looked really promising. if anyone has had recent dealings with him can you please email me?

personally i think Composite Effects Doll Head is a great horror mask, though totally not anything i'd wear. which for me is part of the problem with a lot of the female masks. what is the actual point of looking less attractive with the mask? my consideration given the money would be have one made that was a perfect match to my second life persona or have a new one cast from my real face and then just have it tweaked ever so slightly so its me as a mannequin.

i'll add it to my 'when i win the lottery' list which actually is a good idea for another entry ;-)



alphaxanon said...

One idea for you: Get a Venetian mask like these http://www.venicemaskshop.com/party.html whose face is sculpted to be elegant, then make a silicone mold of it. "Paste" that onto a form fitting latex mask whose face has been cut out, then take a silicone mold of that, then you can make a full latex mask!

alphaxanon said...

These look pretty nice too. http://www.anytimecostumes.com/costumes/mgfull.html

alphaxanon said...

Maybe this one... http://www.save-on-crafts.com/masks.html

Asudem Latex said...

hi alphaxanon

i thought i did a follow up to the crafts site, maybe i didn't. the masks they make are teeny.

first they sent the wrong ones which were very featureless and genderless. then the replacement arrived and it was really really small.

keep posting comments about the doll head as the spfx co is keeping an eye on the comments. oh and do write them and mention seeing it here.

maybe in a few months they'll bring out there own.