Sunday, December 28, 2008

even target sells them

and they are now on sale no less - although the sizing is on the small size due to the age they're selling them too. have a look here as they're only $12.99 or $9.09 for the gold and the silver sold out. if you'll fit them of course.

and if your wondering if its a trend thats running out of steam and is just a passing thing, then visit Shop Style which has 32 pages of how to wear them as suggested / styled by their readers. seems they're becoming the new jeans and can be worn with anything. 

i have also had reports in via chats in second life as well as by email that there is a growing number of expensive designers adding them to their collections. well if they do jeans then why not mock latex leggings?

while it maybe hard to spot latex leggings in the midwest or even in daylight in the larger cities, it seems they're absolutely everywhere in the UK. friends from London and Brighton are constantly seeing them worn in yes - daylight - with an email fresh in yesterdays saying during a 2 hr period in Brighton 5 women were wearing them.

apparently they're in at least 6 shops in 'the north laines' in Brighton in black, silver and gold as well as New Look which is a major fashion chain which is in most decent sized cities. 

you can shop for them online too at here. images of their current selection is bellow where black glossiness or metallics make up the majority of the selection on offer. 



Anonymous said...

You know who has a cool wet-look collection right now? Bebe.
I have this jumpsuit with a lace top section and built-in corset:

I wore it to one function. I love Bebe's stuff.

Anonymous said...

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