Saturday, December 13, 2008

how to wash a catsuit


Anonymous said...

Does not look like she was trying to hard to look sexy but the shower is the best place to wash your catsuit outside first then remove and invert.

TheThinMan said...

No, the video has it totally right. The only way to wash a catsuit is wearing it in the shower. With full makeup. And a camera guy in the room.

SanderO said...

Totally dumb. This latex fetish exploitation thing is getting everyone inbto the act. She looks completely bored as well.

Wash what? I am curious what people are washing off their catsuits? Polish? That's won't come off with water without some sort of soap or emulsifier. In fact, the shine looks cool, but it tends to ruin the surface and make the rubber attract dust and stick to everything. SO the solution is more slippery polish. But then it gets over everything and you would be slipping in a shower and knocking your head open. Maybe you are washing bodily fluids? Yea, that would work in a shower, but I suspect a good watch and rinse in a tub with the proper "soap" would make more sense.

The problem is more in the drying and preventing it from the rubber from sticking to itself when stored. Which means an application of lubricant such as silicon or powder. You can't really mix the two, can't you, or you get a gooey mess.

Aside from photo shoots, I am curious how "real world" latex wearers deal with this "surface issue". Latex is pretty shiny to being with, but not the liquid look you see in all the online images. There the latex is smothered in silicon.

Asudem, how do you deal with this?


Federico said...

Another way to wash a catsuit: