Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what i found so far...

i still really like the idea of a pair of very high lucite heels to with my mannequin neck entry catsuit from Fantastic Rubber. the heels i had found on an earlier entry this week i've yet to find out where they came from.

so here's what hours of googling and ebay searches have found.

seems i managed to miss their window of fashionable-ness and they're back to being hard to find. yes there are some remains from previous seasons though the sizing and heel height are all wrong.

its interesting imho that the very high end of shoe designs pull elements from the sluttier end of the pole dance shoe collections and with a dash of finesse, a fine eye, better materials and styling make something thats tent to twenty times the cost and actually sought after.
oh well. i'll keep looking as i can't resort to custom made shoes till i win a lottery.


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