Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my ideal winter jacket

i have taken to ferreting around on ebay in England due to the pound taking a royal bashing from the strong dollar (still not sure why its so strong) and then pop over to look at ebay france and germany. all have their different selections of shoes, boots, latex and other clothes. a report on my french ebay conclusions in a later entry i the next few days.

now the Balenciaga coat is way past my budget unless i somehow get one made 'sort of like it' from a friendly designer. then i have to think that i looks like a summer coat or maybe fall/spring with something underneath it making it totally useless for the weather and the several feet of snow we currently have.

then i spotted this somewhere on ebay. might of been UK or France and came to the idea - why not something exactly like this but in latex? it could be white, black, a metallic or dark pewter.

it would keep you very toasty and warm and at the same time be uber shiny and rounded.

i know there are pvc like puffa jackets for sale - although they all seem somewhat square in style from my quick looks. so one of these with a latex exterior would be great.

another very seasonal coat would be a find from germany. the clear pvc has a certain 60's retro futurism and a perfect way to show off a latex catsuit.



beylita said...

I've loved clear pvc for a long time. I'm glad it's back.

Anonymous said...

i really like the winter jacket too-except for the cuffs. I don't like them so much.

Also, Elixir in SL make a clear latex trenchcoat almost just like that one. I have one.

Mister said...

Vlatex does a latex puffer jacket, and they're open to doing commission work. Maybe send the design to them and see what they think?