Saturday, October 24, 2009

agalmatophilia comes to mainstream USA pt 1

thanks to Novembers issue of Playboy which published a long photospread of Victoria's Secret model Alina Puscau.

its an amazing series of photo's and there's five more to be posted next week. its one of those shoots that have been hinted at from Helmet Newton in Vogue to some mannequin makers own photo's where they have the real model posing intimately with their plastic sister.

what's really curious is timing as i found a captioned photo that i rewrote the text for which these photo's seem to be the follow on too. i'll share that source image one day although the text may just stay for close online friends as it has a certain ritual and invocation element too it imho.

i think the complete series will be just begging for a story to be written for them.


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