Monday, October 19, 2009

perfect for winter!!!

seems i wasn't the only one thinking along these lines and they got there first. its a latex puffa jacket which is perfect for winter or even fall. i saw it mentioned on Rubberpal's forum.

its made by VLatex and can be custom ordered in different sizes. i've seen puffa jackets in various styles - some making you look like the Michelin Man which of course could be your own special fetish in itself.

from what little news there is on the new product it appears the seams are stitched so it should really last for years and years. hmm something to add to my Christmas list or will i see about getting the more insect like shell coat made?


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Anonymous said...

It's seams - not seems.

You need to be concerned about sticking to things as there is a fair amount of friction to latex unless it is chlorinated. If you polish it you leave a mess and the material goes gooey from dust and so forth.

I have a latex trench which is made from thick latex, chlorinated, matte fin and it weighs a ton. I suspect this jacket to be able to stand up to serious use might be quite heavy. Hopefully it is lined with cloth and has insulation. It might be interesting in colors other than black.