Saturday, October 03, 2009

now for any computer

Drake, the 3D rendering mastermind behind Medusariffic has been experimenting with an interactive comic software for some time.

sadly its windows only so all us Mac or Linux computer owners couldn't enjoy his work. now he's re-done the first comic as a downloadable html zip file that does all the same things with the same content and will open up in any browser.

go check it out at Medusariffic and there's a new issue too - all the way up to no 42!


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Anonymous said...

you know DAZ Studio, by is available for the Mac and PC and is also free... you just have to buy the models.

Also, you can get the free 3D program for Mac/PC/Linux called BLENDER. A little daunting, but not that difficult to master.

You can use both programs together (there are converters for DazStudio (DS) scene files and Blender can do allot of importing of file types.

So.... have at it!