Tuesday, October 27, 2009

chrome suited

i was sent this snap awhile back and with the recent flood of mannequin images it prompted me to look at the elements of a mannequin.

this is a rather amazing stylised basic shape and when i saw it i wondered how possible would it be to make it a wearable item? assuming of course your the right size?

actually i've been saying the same thing ever since i saw the Allen Jones sculptures and bronze idealised body which i've done an entry about already with the photo here. something custom made would fit...

there's also the almost art deco silver halloween mask i still have thats sadly starting to fall apart and which i've never seem to be able to find a better or even simply a matching one. they all seem to be pretty flat in character and detailing these days.

thinking back to my childhood again i think it may stem from seeing an old cardboard dress form in a local antique shop. it wasn't complex, although it fitted together amazingly well and i dreamed of being able to wear it, or trapped within it. not as a brown old cardboard but as a corset like ridged chrome metal.


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Hanzoushinrei said...

Nah, you can always emulate this by a super polished silver lycra suit. Mmmmm...

Just like some cosplayers