Monday, October 05, 2009

it could of been a virus

or maybe it is in a different way...?

its a word document i found linked too on one of the doll fetish related groups on yahoo called juicyjuicyjuicy-anime-bimbo-doll-hypno.doc. i've heard that word documents have been used in the pass to executable viruses, none the less i took a risk and ended up opening it up to find the Juicy Movie link at a file storage site.

the large video file is close to five min long flashing at very high speed photo's and anime clips of doll like women as well as cosplay. if nothing else its a good collection of images in one file.

has anyone seen and played this before? do you need to be japanese for it to work?



Anonymous said...

Heyo squee, i saw this uploaded on youtube about 3 weeks ago, its a very seductive file and has mesages within the music, you cant help but watch it over and over, im told with headfones on it has hypnotic messages that make you want to be more dol like, sadly i havent been able to try it as it was removed by you tube censors :( but i have seen it any times squeeeee !!! *bounces*

Leann doll xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing file. Images flashed up at the rate of 25 different images per second. It's more than a bit fo a head spin@@@@@

jeandoll said...

looking that in slo-mo, it seems that almost all the images are screencaptures of videos from youtube.
Even they are freely available, don't know do i like this kind of recycling.


Anonymous said...

It's still up on youtube at and

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the .mov file?

Anonymous said...

the two youtube links do not work, could you please reupload the original .mov if you still have it??

Anonymous said...

^ nevermind, don't bother!