Thursday, October 15, 2009

weird heels in the fashion press

seems all the fashion magazines are picking up on the weird heels being featured on the runways and my question of course is where do you buy them? do i need to wait for pleaser to make some rough knock offs?

i'm still after a pair of high heels with a clear lucite wedge - i know i saw them somewhere once...

the image to the left was an profile pict on High Heel Place. i've signed up but so far no confirmation yet.

another thing i'm desperate to find thanks to some proding by a friend in Toronto is the correct and professional padding for ballet boots. apparently dance stores sell them for actual ballet slippers and they're the best way to stay comfortably on tip toes in the boots.



zilvara said...

here is a larger picture and the site has a intresting story to it also hope it helps

signed zilvara

Anonymous said...

professional padding for ballet boots... not required...
My boots are half a size smaller than I would normally take. Oddly, this means that my toes hardly touch the bottom so with some tight lacing my weight is on my foot not toes.
Tight on the feet but not sore on the toes.

Anonymous said...