Tuesday, October 27, 2009

meanwhile somewhere in Second Life

well work has slowed down enough that i can breath a bit easier now and get back up to speed with blogging and also revisit Second Life which i hadn't really been in since sometime in august.

i'm floating around, doing some modeling for HybridZ so i can get the new outfit like you see me wearing in the photo but in black. why you ask? well i now have all the elements in real life latex to pretty well match it in black.

buying it all new in pink would just be a waste of money when i can buy more latex outfits for day to day wear.

hmmm lets see - ballet boots - check, skirt - check, latex tights - check, gloves - check, and most recently from Elena's Latex on ebay - the inflatable hood.

now my plan for last year or so is to be totally sealed into an outfit RLV'd to the extreme with a wind up key. RLV has moved on so it offers more control. my aim and desire is to be totally reduced to a wind up doll in second life with a limited number of phrases to communicate with.

people who see me won't know if i am actually some sort of bot or if there's someone in there.... they can still interact with me, like a doll. wind my key and they can get me to dance or other things as a previous key by JaneDoe used too do.

now i have some ideas on how to do all this and absolutely no scripting or RLV coding skills. so anyone who wants to help please send me an email or msg here or in world. there is a product in there somewhere which could be sold too.

once its sealed on, thats all i will be inworld - a wind up rubber doll.



Anonymous said...

I've done a bit of scripting in SL for RLV; if you like, I can give you a copy of my omni-lock script; once triggered, it locks every clothing layer, avatar component (body shape, skin, eyes, hair), and every single attachment point. There's no timer or release option except to log in to a non-RLV viewer and reset the object it's in.
As for wind-up keys, I personally use a Kismet Strict key when I'm doing the wind-up doll thing; but that's not that common for me. Normally I'm a remote-controlled sci-fi doll. :-)

Drop me an IM in-world and I'll send you a copy. (SL Username Chrissy Abbot)

Love the blog, you and Concious_Object over on Livejournal inspired me to give SL/RLV a try.

Anonymous said...

As co-owner of HybridZ it's great to see our work being featured on your excellent blog. I'm glad we can help fulfill some of your latex desires and look forward to reading more of your Sl exploits.
Luv Natalie xxxxxx

Ruri Muni said...

Hiya Asudem!

Let me know if you'd like some sounds for your project. It takes a while for me to get them done, so just give me a bit of time. I'm sure that having a few different phrases would certainly limit your responses. I already have some yes/no responses set up in my store. I don't know if you'd want the sounds muffled or anything, seeing as how you're sort of covered from head to toe in latex. (I think you're gagged under that hood too...)

Anyway, let me know! Anyone else who is interested in my store it's Sexy Naughty Sounds. I'm done with my shameless plug now! Hope you don't mind Asudem!

-Ruri Muni

Asudem Latex said...

hello Natalie

i left a msg in sl, and yes i am waiting on the black version of the pink doll outfit.

any help you can provide will be welcomed and once its on its going to be sealed on.