Saturday, October 31, 2009

this explains a lot

a scanned clipping sent in that sheds some light on a few things related to BDSM and fetishes.

and maybe why painful high heels are still worn? or corsets even?

i do also wonder about tattoo'ing although i have no personal experience with them.

click to enlarge.

comments? experiences?



Lady Ana said...

I suppose that the pain issue plays a part in what is being said here but i don't wear extreme heels or tight laced corsets because of nice pain.

I wear these items because i like the feeling and it makes me feel good.

A nice clipping and i may use it on my blog. If i do i will make reference to your blog.

Take care
Lady Ana

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

The article wasn't saying that the people in the experiment *enjoyed* the pain, only that they could bare it I think what Asudem was insinuating is that perhaps the reason painful heels and corsets are still worn is because the positive emotions people feel from the appearance it gives them makes the discomfort of them more bearable.