Saturday, October 31, 2009

perfect masks

these were created by a photographer / artist a few years back. i found the scans in an old folder while looking through my back ups.

i believe they are scilicon and hard to see out of if my memory of the article that went with it is anything to go by. has anyone seen them before? more info?

one story i remember about the image bellow is that it was published in a french fashion magazine and they were promptly contacted by various modeling agencies to sign the model. except of course there was no real model.

i wonder if thats a solution to the aging models? simply make a perfect scilicon mask which they can wear. now there's a story around those ideas just begging to be written imho.



Anonymous said...


the photographer is Jean Pierre Khazem. The masks are made out of silicone and the model is unable to see.


I have reported some of his work to You sometime ago. ;)


alphaxanon said...

The first two shots definitely look like Photogenic Masks

The third I have no idea. If that's a mask, then it's a really good one and given head and shoulder proportions, that's probably a woman underneath it.

alphaxanon said...

I'm starting to think photo number 3 is a Real Doll, the famous high end sex doll things. They have really good faces.

I think that's what they meant when they said there isn't a live model in the photo. The hand is probably from someone off camera, hence the difference in skin tone.

Anonymous said...


I don´t think that picture No. 3 is a doll. There are several pictures from her at this site (and most of Khazems work):

The first two shots also can´t be Natori Masks, because they are too old (late 1990s and early 2000s years). ;)

There seems to be only a article in wikipedia in german language about him: