Saturday, October 31, 2009

another "secret origins"

another memory came back to me recently as i was wondering just how i got here with this all encompasing fetish. i've previously detailed the old smooth skin wetsuit experience and it wasn't till i noticed all the stretch material knee boots around this fall that it click in me and i remembered back to when i was about 10 or so.

there was a weekend rumage sale place under a library in my old home town and i found a pair of extremely small - yet a perfect fit for me at the time - thick slightly stretchy plastic 60's black gogo boots.

i loved them and wore them constantly at home and even to bed. even when i was told not too and i hid them under a pair of down booties and would wear them around. an early start to my heel training?

the feel of the plastic on my bare feet and also up my calfs was something totally new, something alien and so fetishistic. admittedly it wasn't for years later that i would know what the term was. it was also the way when plastic and rubber makes you sweat a bit and it makes the material bind to you which also had a perverse appeal.

of course a 2 inch block heel was like 3 or maybe even 4 at such an age.

i think the boots were thrown out when i wasn't looking as i can't remember what happened too them.

last year or so i found what i think were the same pair on ebay and they look amazing with the smell and texture bringing back the memories and it wasn't until i spotted boots somewhat similar on the streets that i put two and two together. i bet even then i was wondering if those boots were sold that went all the way up my thigh and had a much higher heel.


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