Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cult of the PVC drones

this is a weird one which i've been saving for some time, hoping to learn more and then recently found a site that may have a connection too it which will be later;

a while back - at least over 18 months ago i was hanging out at hypnodolls and one or two av's would talk about pvc and being trained to be PVC UNIT's a lot. having already been involved with the Rubber Dolls it was of little interest so i sort of just tuned them out. they were fundemently UK based too and were setting up a sim / area in SL. never heard much from them again or spotted them.

all their names were PVC then a number. they're still registered btw - anyone know them? i wonder if a certain singer is one?

it wasn't till after bumping into them in SL that i had an email from a contributor in the UK asking if i knew anything about them as somehow he ended up chatting to one of these drones on yahoo im somewhat regularly. seems they were a real group based both in Birmingham and also London. they were dedicated to PVC catsuit and were watching pvc text lettered hypno flash files to program themselves into PVC drones - aka 'food for the PVC catsuits'.

ever the investigative journalist the writer kept playing along and seeing where this would go. seems it wasn't just guys but also women, all wearing PVC catsuits as much as possible as well as cramming as much hypno into themselves to be good little PVC Catsuit drones. drugs were mentioned as well as special initiations. almost sounded cult-ish.

i've tried for 20 min to post a segment of the chat and it simply won't take for some bizarro reason.

the chatter was even invited to one of the group session in and given a PVC drone number and accepted into the group as a initiate. then communication evaporated.

does this sound familiar to anyone? was this all some sort of LARP fetish world. strangely this all happened pre SL.

now just recently i found the Skin Tight Lover hypno site which sounds very similar which includes several very deep hypnotic videos (NSFW).

love to know more otherwise its just a weird urban legend.



Asudem Latex said...

the chat:

pvc catsuit -

sylvrgirl said...

The Skintight Lover site is very nice. Thank you for the link.

WinterRose said...

I dunno... as soon as the unethical creepy voice in their opening induction salvo started asking for money, I closed the tab.

Randel said...

The Skintight Lover site is very nice. Thank you for the link.