Sunday, April 18, 2010

stage friendly latex...

if its black and shiny: "it must be latex" according to all the fashion and music journalists ever since American Apparel came out with their leggings. the same thing was said about Rihanna catsuit / outfit she wore recently on American Idol.

while of course for those with sharp eyes and first hand experience - of course it isn't really latex but its still its black and shiny and still deserving of some attention. there's a full thread over at Kinky Gerlinky Forum. i bet there's a whole new generation of fetishists being created by the peformance.

there's a load more photo's, video youtube links as well as downloadable high def archives of the show at the forum so you can examine all the stitch work in detail.

does anyone sell a long sleeve top to go with black latex like leggings? sort of instant catsuit without the back zip (and the lower zip issue)? i know AA now does a loose unisex track suit in the same material now. though i am eyeing their disco trousers at the moment.



Anonymous said...

Re: long-sleeved short... didn't you post about that a few weeks back? ;-D

Or were you talking about something different here?

- Steve M

Anonymous said...

If that's what you really want, lots of places do it and it would be nothing special to put together. A problem is that zipperless tops are very difficult to remove unassisted.

Two other ideas that are at the front of my fertile brain:

1) does a 2 piece zipperless full made to measure total enclosure suit, but to wear it for any serious length of time you will want a crotch zipper or some kind of opening installed.

2) Combine the Libidex LA Porn catsuit (the one with the wide open crotch) with a pair of their cycle shorts. Will be slightly lumpy and not the totally seamless look, but by far the most practical garment.


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