Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dreamy dressing...

first photo from a very dreamlike fashion sequence from frou frou fashionista blog.

its an editorial depicts what men probably fantasize about how women look when they get together to dress and put on their lingerie. In some respects it's pretty accurate, but the photos also have a dreamy fantasy quality that even we ladies aspire to create in real life!

We personally love these images because they capture intimate moments shared by women. Some of the best bonding times are times like these, almost like photos of a bride getting ready with her maidens before the wedding.
As for the lingerie we're seeing, the stockings are Wolford and Fogal, and the bras/undies are La Perla, Valisere, Madame Sher, and Dior.

they almost have a little story going there. pitty they didn't follow it through.


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