Friday, April 09, 2010

libidex london's shop window

thanks to blackice who was up in london and did several three-d shots of Liberation which is Libidex's boutique in Covent Garden. he's uploaded them to his album at Start 3D so they can be shared and viewed by people. there's a few more there so feel free to explore.

here's one i liked from the window display and the reflecting latex works sooo well.

on the Start 3D page you can control the speed and al sorts of other 3d attributes. click on the image and it will also take you to the image as its embedded on their own site.

now he also commented that he shot Libidex's recent fashion show in 3D at Torture Garden as well as both digital and large format 120mm stereo threeD backstage after the show in full studio set up. photo example bellow.

if you are in London and pop by Liberation and ask nicely they'll show you the 3d photo's. one of the models once seeing them was reported to say "I can't look at plain normal photo's again".

i guess they're just that amazing.


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