Monday, April 05, 2010

just part of a story

i found in my old emails which i had written for a friend, its a bit draft but as there's not much out there i felt it was time to share;

Her mistress smiled gently and crawled up onto the bed
besides her new doll. Tanya was totally immobile and
couldn't move a muscle but could feel absolutely
everything that was being done to her. Mistress
started by shrimping her toes, sucking on them as if
they were the most delicious lolipops in existence.

after a few minutes paying tribute her cute toes she
explained 'your probably wondering why you are so
thoroughly and utterly frozen?' she smiled sly and
continued; ' I found a paralysising potion that slows
the body down to a plant like metabolism. Its dosage
can be low to high and the time your left proportional
to your immobility. I t could be hours, days or maybe
with some work - weeks'

Mistress start to work up Tanya's legs with renewed
vigor, stoping and spend time on her metal lined
pussy. Digging deeply with her firm tongue to hit the
special spot repeatedy.

Tanya's mind was screaming with delight followed by
blinding orgasm which seemed to last for minutes. By
that time Mistress was nibbling and biting her nipples
to the point of pain - or was it pleasure. She was
loosing track which was which the pleasure was soo

She demounted and left Tanya there for a moment while
she padded off to the other room. When her mind
cleared enough she stared at the mannequin she had
been trapped in for the weekend and wondered what it
would be like to get back into it and be left there.
Would she ever want to come out, would she just slip
away and believe she was the life sized dolly?

Mistress returned with a needle which she deftly
inserted into Tanya....

She awoke tied up and unable to move a muscle.

She could feel something in her pussy, some sort of
tubing. She tried to look around but couldn't really
move her head at all. There was some sort of latex
hood on her. She could see out but even with the magic
freezing jungle juice in her she'd never be able too
budge an inch. She could tell her waist was severely
corseted and that there was even one on her neck. She
was on tip toes which meant ballet boots. The smell of
new leather and rubber was all around her.

It was one of those fashionable but kinky shops in the
Village, it had a black painted frount and a huge
glass window. On display now was three mannequins in
various positions, with one being slave the other two
are attending two.

The displays showed off the stores many outfits and
restraints. Shoppers and curious passerby’s would see
Tanya but only see a small latex doll; just another
mannequin and not even suspect it was a human, let
along one that was once a woman who had been seduced
into this windows prison. And who was slowly bit by
bit undergoing conditioning and surgery to be molded
into a permant pretty female doll.

There Tanya would stand as a display mannequin,
beautiful and unmoving for up too a few of days at a
time. The large full height window was mirrored
inwards so that Tanya couldn't see out but everyone
could see in. All she was able see is herself frozen
in the kinky display amongst similarly still and
beautiful female mannequins. She was now a doll in a
dolls world.

Mistress would visit her doll posed in these very
kinky vingettes along with the far taller real
mannequins, enjoying the sight and the knowledge Tanya
was totally trapped as much by her mind wanting to be
a doll as the locked window case, and had by total
submission become nothing more than a sexy object.

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Rubberdoll said...

That's a fantastic story line, quite a turn on. The inevitability of the situation is well grasped. God, how much I'd love to be in Tamara's place! You should make a full-length story out of it and post it on Gromet's. The fetish community would certainly approve...