Sunday, April 18, 2010

an inflated doll head?

my fevered and rather kinky mind started racing when i saw this edited and captioned photo awhile ago. i kept it to one side an shared it with a few people who really 'get' my kinks.

then i tripped upon this one from deviant art site and it clicked in me - a large kumguri mask wouldn't be the way to go but how about an inflatable one?

i do now own an eyeless inflatable hood with just a mouth hole which i purchased to match my black HybridZ doll outfit in Second Life. its very unique feeling wearing it and close to my only vac bed experience - and yes i didn't want out. so a slightly oversized dolls head in inflatable latex ... yes i think i want one of those now.. must have eyes and a mouth tho. or at least a way to see.

does anyone know who makes them and what the costs are? i can see myself as the bratz or myscene barbie.. or even barbie... they would definitely sell and would be a lot cheaper than kumguri masks. i think mine would need a discreet teeny collar lock.



Anonymous said...

Oh my word... *lol*

You have no idea. I've had Bratz on the brain lately--ok, maybe because proper Kigurumi masks don't have the lips going for them--but yeah, the rounded head and larger eyes have been on my mind.

I guess my brain keeps doing iterations of the "Girl's Not Grey" video, envisioning ladies in latex bodysuits where the face is covered in clear latex--after the heart-shaped "cutout" hood manner--but the eyes are oversized, rounded (one-way) lenses covering the eyes, so the doll sees out...

But everyone else just sees unmoving, shiny plastic doll's eyes on a moving, shiny plastic face. *___* Yummy.

And then we put the doll in a tight corset skirt, of the sort where she can barely move her legs to take baby steps...where she can't really sit down. So I'd have to stand her up and lay her down, just like she's an actual Toy. Imagine that.

Evil, I know. With the right outfit set up for a weekend...I might could *convince* someone they were a dolly-doll doll doll.

*LOL* Or some such.

Bradley Poe (a Mad Scientist....but I doubt I'll ever get the courage up to hit Craigslist and actually seek out local ladies for this, d'oh)

Anonymous said...

At first appearance, seems kigurumi mask, but then I looked better and is very clear: it's a photomontage... ;)

Mark Bennett said...


I think Pretty Pervy might be a designer to try. There's also a guy who works at Libidex who I've shot in a Astro Boy (?) and Pokeamon inflated head.

I can make enquiries if you like.


Anonymous said...

Just as a small follow-up...

*lol* It turns out that my Yahoo! Group, the DollCollective, seems to have the original unedited pic, of the blonde "Bratz doll" in purple...

I only bring this up because now, looking at the original source pic...I find myself thinking that the original model just had a disproportionately small head. *lol* Relative even to her hair, never mind her breasts.

But maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm too used to using the "photoshop in my brain" option and giving women the random Bratz doll head (if only in my warped imagination, of course).

Strange though, isn't it, when a clear and somewhat insulting photo-manipulation ends up looking more flattering on the model than her real looks do? *lol* ^_^

Just my plug nickel,

Bradley Poe

blackice said...

I can see that, the Sony Playstation advert with the weird pigtailed woman / girl talking to the camera looked better that way than in real life.