Thursday, April 15, 2010

from silver latex like leggings to....

it was sort of inevitable i feel, you know you can almost plot some fashion trends? first it was the silver metallic leggings from AA, which were only for the truely adventurous and long skinny legged. then the super glossy black ones which have now become as much as a fashion staple as blue jeans in some parts of the world.

then if you look closely leggings have started to change, mixing and matching materials, colors and contrasts. meanwhile a whole slew of music diva's and bands went positively ASFR in their onstage personas. then designers they got printing working correctly so thanks to Rotwang's keen eagle eyes (or should that be robot eyes) there will shortly be ‘Maria’ Robot Leggings brought to you by Dark Horse.

these leggings were inspired by the Fritz Lang, 1920’s sci-fi movie Metropolis. they are poly-stretch and will be released as part of their Spring 2010 collection. so far any google investigating has only provided the same set of photo's and quotes. the designers site is currently in rebuild limbo.

keep your eyes peeled in fashion magazines as they're bound to start appearing with some exceptionally kinky high heeled shoes (or so i hope).

now when will there be a top made to match it?

for any major or budding latex designers out there i do have a wonderful folder full of images of the Thierry Mugler famed robot suit if you would like to develop a better version in latex.


ps; a video of the robo suit:

and a better quality one i can't embed is here


Anonymous said...

very cool.. when reality and virtual reality share its fashions.
heres some cool low rezz shoes


Anonymous said...

Actually, I also liked some of the "corset videos" that YouTube linked along with the Robot-Suit vid.

It's just a pity that YouTube is such a pain about copying and pasting links now--they only let you do it for the "embed" form of the URL, which means you can't really share them freely.

I *really* wanted to share the YouTube video and related corset videos with a lady friend in YIM a couple of nights ago, but couldn't.

But still....the Robot Suit is cool, if notorious for pinch points, and the "tromp'd'l'oeil" tights are a good step in the right direction, both in getting the look right and in comfort levels.

Cool leggings and tights all around. ^__^

Bradley Poe