Sunday, April 18, 2010

dance partners

i was sent this image in recently and there was no information with it. does anyone know more? why the mickey mouse ears?

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Anonymous said...

My guess is, either Disney Corp. was a sponsor for this project in some way, or...

The ears are there for the same reason the "dance partners" are monochrome, they give off the cue that this is "cute and fake" and that there's no real reason to be alarmed (that is, no reason for people to have Uncanny Valley freakouts).

Plus, you could also say that the ears are a subtle hint to would be dancers to not *grope* or anything that would make the experience less-than-G-rated. It's bad enough that the front of the "dancer unit" is cut out so that you don't see what the human dance partner is doing from the waist down, generally.

Still...they are *Cute*. I keep expecting one of them to have a "talk function" built into it--the partners say random things, but it's clear it's a recording since the face is rigid, and the lips don't move, they'd likely just mime it with back-lit lips like the old Diva Starz dolls did.

But hey, maybe I'm just strange that way. *LOL*

Bradley Poe (who is doing things in batches today, never mind me.)

Anonymous said...

I remember it's a robot that's capable of dancing. And yes, it's from Japan.

alphaxanon said...

Google for "Partner Ballroom Dance Robot"

CNN article minus pictures

There a couple of YouTube videos as well:

A dance with the bot
Some basic body movements

I like the hole in the skirt to allow the man to step towards the partner. That's good design.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this was in the Sunday times for some reason, but not sure why -- if you have access to The Sunday Times you can go look it up.

Tip: use a reverse image search engine to find the original pages where pictures came from: