Thursday, April 15, 2010

a new source of doll suits

it seems Fetish Live has joined other latex designers in making a full catsuit dollsuit here.

it has loads of options for customisation and containment of your doll. if anyone finds more photo's of it in use then please do post in comments. thanks to Z Z for the find and the kind email. i totally missed it.

i wonder how many company's are making doll suits now and how well are they doing? obviously they are reacting both to interest and demand. there's even an annual convention now that is due to start in ten days or so. more information on the 2010 Rubber Doll World Rendezvouscan be found on their homepage here. and no i won't be attending. i plan on getting to London and Europe more than anything else and with the exchange rate its a bit of work to save now.

if you do manage to make it along to the event then please send me an email report with photo's and i can post it.



Anonymous said...

She held out her arm level with her eyes and stretched out her fingers. The flawless pink latex transmuted ordinary flesh and skin into a perfectly flawless exotic sensual covering. Looking down she saw more of the same perfect covering coating her legs and torso, removing all blemishes and tiny imperfections, and set with a pair of delectable latex nubs that lay over her areola. Around her eyes she could just barely make out the barest edge of the flesh rubber covering that hid her human features. This is what she had always wanted, yet dared not ever tell a soul.

The pleasurable feelings swelled as she moved her mouth around the soft mass that occupied the space behind her lips. Sometimes gags ached because of their oversized dimensions, or had a shape that became uncomfortable after a while, but this one was perfect and she felt as if she could keep it inside forever. Her fingers idly ran from her stuffed mouth down the front of her body, softly squeaking and snapping against the latex rubber, and traced slow circles on her pubis. The fine latex covered fingers danced over a region much colder and harder than anywhere else on her body. The chastity belt was engineered to precise specifications and completely sealed her most sensitive area from all touch, although she knew that it was imperceptible to all except by close inspection.

With a sharp intake of breath, the murmuring of voices via the earbuds implanted underneath her hood began. The soothing voices were frustratingly just below the level of conscious recognition, but she knew that they were designed to train her brain to enhance the tactile input from the magic coating covering every part of her skin. It was like a conversation happening far away: a few words could be made out, but on the whole it was just background noise that her brain filtered out and helped it become that much more effective. She allowed herself to get carried away on a sentence fragment for just a few seconds....

Snapping herself back, she gave her chastity belt a few experimental presses from the front and the sides. All she felt was a slight increase in pressure underneath her new rubber skin. And that was the perfect way that she liked it. The only relief she could now get was that conjured by her mind and that all-encompassing irresistable hugging feeling from her suit. This way the pleasure lasted forever.

dcher89 said...

i wish my girlfriend shared my passion for all things latex as well as zentai suits and such if she did i would be getting her this would be super super sexy

dcher89 said...
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dcher89 said...

well i say girlfriend i mean ex girlfriend lol im single and looking haha (not really too busy for anything at the moment)