Thursday, August 03, 2006

anyone seen these two films?

Mirrormask or The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes?

evil dolly wrote me:

"there's a scene in Mirrormask that I thought was pretty neat.  I don't know if it's up your alley or not, it's kind of a journey through a teenage girl's dreamworld.  Some really great effects and imagery.  But there's this one scene where the girl is dressed and transformed into her dark alter-ego by a group of strange, life-size, mechanical music box dolls who sing off key."

and another i found by accident whose synopsis is very tantilising:

The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes is the breathtakingly beautiful second film from the brothers Quay. On the eve of her wedding, the beautiful opera singer Malvina is mysteriously killed and abducted by the malevolent Dr. Droz. Felisberto, an innocent piano tuner, is summoned to Droz's secluded villa so that they can service his strange musical automatons. Little by little, Felisberto learns of the doctor's plan to stage a "diabolical opera" and of Malvina's macabre 'demise'. as he secretly conspires to rescue her, Felisberto becomes trapped in the web of Droz's perverse universe...

curiously it's a brother quay film that was exec produced by Terry Gillian.

so please post some reviews and don't forget to write me if you have any other yummy finds :-)



WinterRose said...

Mirrormask is more than worth seeing. Written and directed by Comic book artist and author Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman, and animated and performed by the Henson people, this adult fable is unintentionally fetishist in all the right places. But aside from that, it's just a damn good story. Gaiman is the only person tho won the world fantasy award for his work on the groundbreaking comic, The Sandman. The judges were so scandalized that they changed the ruled the very next day so something as lowbrow as a comic could never win the coveted award again. Other projects by Gaiman & McKean include 'Neverwhere' and the upcoming 'Sandman' and 'Death, the High Cost of Living'.

Oh yeah. Mmmmm... black sclera lenses....

FellipeC said...

I love that lenses!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is link to site that carries a clip of Mirror Mask:

I only thought that MM was okay, I own it. I'm glad everyone seems to love it though :)

.: Dan :.

blackice said...

Another piece of bizarre syncronicity - the film was made in Brighton where I live. I almost made it to a press screening but it was too early in the morning. When I finally saw it I was suprised to see my friends apartment block being used as the main building.

If anyone wants to see it and or other free DVDs for a month then here are some gift codes: MG30 RADCW RADJD

You'll need to give them a credit card and make sure you cancell / return everything before the month is out.