Sunday, August 06, 2006

a sunday latex doll...

its been soo hot lately that i've put on hold my sunday ritual of wearing my latex catsuit from dawn till bedtime. well it was that and friends insisting on going to films, coffee and various commitments.

i also had to send back the catsuit i won off ebay as they sent me a black one and not a pink / purple semi trans one i had won..

anyway i put on my thin black catsuit on again for the first time since its back was ripped and was repaired. its the first time i've been suitably coated from neck to toes in latex.

omg!!! - and would you believe i forgot how amazing it was?

memories weren't doing it justice and it re-ignighted all my addictive need to wear it as much as possible.

its just about wearable in this weather. i threw on my gold satin babydoll on top of it and my black 5"s and thats my daywear for the rest of today. i did take the red satin duvet and put it on the bed and curled up on it for an extended sunday sleep-in which i'm just up from now.

naturally i perspired in the suit but i didn't realise just how much untill i got off the bed (sort of an open doll box like) and found the zipper up my back leaked as well as around my wrists and collar.

don't worry i'm drinking alot of water. but this is the problem with latex, you really need the perfect climate or temperature to wear it in.



Asudem Latex said...

still pretty warm and i've just noticed two holes on each big toe. i seem to be leaking from them when i walk....


Oneeyedjack said...

You really need to find yourself someone to play dolly with. Shouldn't be all that hard for someone as enthusiastic as you...

Hope you have air conditioning.

djgarrett7942 said...

I've not been able to decide whether I like the squishisy latex feet when wearing my catsuit on a hot day... and how do you explain the lines of wetness from rubber underwear at the office?

Luckily, I control my own thermostat at the office!

Keep your rubber on asudem!

Dark said...

If you have perfect climate .. AC in the summmer you can wear TE latex comfortably. The thin stuff especially. If you sweat a lot it changes the experience for me and I usually pack it in.