Friday, August 04, 2006

everyone's pretty latex doll....

i sometimes chat with people on yim and via email and i'm finding that people have really different ideas of what a doll should be; specifically what they want them too be.

and i'm not too certain myself as i'm sort of learning and molding myself as i go along. the boot and heel fetish is all new to me as was the interest in zentai. both are very good and appreciated now that i've come to embrace them

so i'm opening this up in comments; think of me as a blank canvas - what should i do to become a doll and what would the end result ideally be for you...

but be gentle, and slower is better for me than direct harsh commands. too many bad experiences in school for that to work at all on me - just makes me go cold and turn off.

i may just add some of them too my to-do list ;-)

oh and it should involve latex of course. anyone rise too the challenge?



pyewacket said...

The doll should be able to sit still and be quiet.
The doll should come with a stylish suitcase of 'accessories', like a hair brush,ribbons, make up, nail polish and various outfits that can easliy be put on and taken off.
The doll should always be clean and any dirty marks be wiped off with a damp cloth.
The eyes can be open or closed apon request and have long black lashes.
The doll should smell like talcum powder and rubber.
The doll should have a nice surface to rest on, like pink satin, and a pillow or two.
The doll can be fed bananna or chocolate but without disturbing the glossy pink lips.
The doll can have three or four one liners to say, like "hello my name is ****"
The doll woulnt be sexually assulted, just played with, in a soft and gentle manner.

Dark said...

I just discoverd this site and have made thru the archieves except for the fiction and some of the comments and articles that have no appeal to me.

You seem to have discovered with the help of commenters I suppose all the good stuff on the web and even things like Allen Jones. I purchased two of his books when they were printed back in the 70s I think.

One of the pulls of latex fetish for many people is the transformative possiblilites. I like to explain this as our second self... like our sexual identity, we share the same body and use it for whatever.

A fetish identity is like ot a replacement for our sexual identity. I call it self 1 and self 2... and we usually are 1 but fantasize about two and get to exercise it occassionally.

As the 2 is in many ways very different from 1 the idea is that we transform into 2. When we fetishize this transformation we reach for iconic sexual identities... such as you see in typical feitsh items and imagery.. these are dripping with sex appeal.. but in a way very different from butt naked sex appeal.

There is also a fascination and separation which we must make when we go over to 2... and being a object with no thoughts but there for the idea of pleasure is at the heart of the doll fantasy. Perhaps similar to desiring to be a sex slave. What a terrible fate! hahaha.

There is also a conceit to the blow up sex dolls which are objects for sex... their pupose is completely unambiguous and this aligns with the needs of 2.

Wearing latex is sexy for many reasons, but when creating a whole persona it is not just a covering but an identity and hence the yearning to be a latex what???? A latex women or man.... or a sex doll. Fetish is all about sex in the end... No?