Monday, August 14, 2006

voting for mind control...

every few months i check out hypno fetishist site for the long list of potential MP3 recordings to be made.

most of them i skip over and have no interest. but yesterdays peek showed a couple that had good doll potential:

Curse Porcelain Skin
This file would cause the listeners skin to grow paler and paler until it looks like that of a porcelain doll. The listener would not be able to tan and would sunburn VERY easily. They would need to avoid sunlight or compleatly cover themselves before going outside. This would be a permenant change and could be very good for feminization.

Curse Reverse Corset
curses you with the feeling of wareing a very tight corset all the time. the corset wont get tighter but will just be there all the time. the only way to releve the feeling of the corset is to ware a real one and as you lace it tighter you will feel like it is getting looser till you get it fully laced at wich point you wont feel the corset at all and as you unlace the real corset you will feel like you are being laced tighter till you remove the corset at this point you feel so tightly corseted

and two that are specifically to make people into latex dolls:

Curse Latex Doll
curse that makes you want to be a latex doll. makes you want every part of your body covered in flesh coloured latex gives you a desire to have large inflated breasts and to wear a female face mask and wig. you will feel the need to do this and once you become the doll you so need to be you will feel the need to dress like a doll in a pink frilly dress pink heels and to have pink ribons in your hair. and once transformed and dressed you will not be able to move for 1 hour during wich time you will start to feel more and more aroused and turned on by being a doll but you cant move to do anything about it till the time is up. then you have to resist your sexual urge till you are compleatly out of your doll outfit cos if you dont and you reach orgasm while a doll you will again not be able to move for 1 hour.

Rubberdoll Transformation
This file causes the listen to develop a strong fetish for rubber clothing...a need to cover themselves in tight shiny black rubber head to toe. The more they listen to the file the stronger it gets. When dressed in rubber their body changes into that of a female rubberdoll...they grow large breasts which are extremely sensitive and they can't stop touching them...their lips become shaped into a red rubber "O"...and they have a burning desire to be used, manipulated, programmed, gagged, and brought down into a deep mindless trance. They become a female rubber object. Shiny and sleek. This file is very addictive and triggers can be used as well.

so feel go and have a vote and make your voice heard.

the question arrises though, has anyone had any success with the recordings on the site?



Anonymous said...

I suspect that on you, those last two would be redundant. You already have a burning desire to be covered in latex all of the time!

Oneeyedjack said...

Nah, the recordings just sound like some creepy dude reciting his words. I've used 'em for inspiration to create my own scripts to much better effect. My suggestion is to go get some books or do some reading on the basics of hypnosis and then either have someone (someone you're intimate with or at least trust) read the script to you or record yourself reading it.

Anonymous said...

excuse my ignorance, but i'm new to the hypnosis world, does this work? i mean, my girlfriend really wants to please me by wearing rubber and specially masks, but she doesn't like it and after a few minutes she removes everything, would this help?

james w.

WinterRose said...

Should anyone need a male voice with a little dramatic training to give it a whirl for ya, I'm certainly willing. I'm a high end baritone, that if necessary can edge into a female contralto range. (In some of the story adaptations I've done around the ASFR and MC story boards, I've been asked who the woman was I had reading with me. That was me. *^_^*)

Not that I expect it to happen. I've gotten permission from a few noteworthy MC authors over at the to audio-adapt their works. The only problem is getting some of the women I need to read some of the other parts in some of the more populated stories.

Hmm... now that we have a decently sized roleplaying community over at the hypnopics collective, perhaps I should give it another whirl.

As for It was nice for a while before it went commercial. No offense to EMWG, but it seems more about money nowadays. And some of those curse files over there... YEESH.

Oneeyedjack said...

Dunno James W. Depends on your girl and her willingness to go under I guess. If she's into the idea of hypnosis, give it a shot. If not, don't push it (or push the hood thing for that matter). It's much better to let things happen at their own pace.

When I met my girl some two years ago, she HATED hoods and couldn't wear one for more then a minute without freaking out. This bugged me, since I absolutely love hoods. I didn't push her to wear them though. Over time she learned to get used to them and to disregard the negative connotations that she had of them. Now she loves wearing hoods and owns over a dozen of them. The point is is that I just let her come to it in her own time.

Anonymous said...


that's a great advice. i'll see how the whole thing develops. hopefully it'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

only way to intro them to rubber is to couple it with sexual stimulation arousal and orgasm, not in that order,over and overallways linked till they are acustomed to it,lick her pussy while she in whatever yu get the idea.