Saturday, August 05, 2006

more shots of a doc vanderlay mask

gives a much better idea of the shape and overall look of it. still think the new one he's working on based on paris hilton will be tighter fit for me.

so far no replies to any of my emails too him. has anyone had recent contact? please share...



Anonymous said...

no, i wrote to him a few times but nothing.
you decided finally to give masking a try?

james w.

Asudem Latex said...

i've had a reply a couple of times but nothing since the photo's he sent me.

as for masking - well maybe - if i can find one i like and that will fit. i think the paris hilton is definately more doll like that the others.


Anonymous said...

hmmm yes, a paris hilton would definatelly be dool-like, now, did you send him your head's measures?

Lucita said...

yea, i've emailed him a couple times as well and i've yet to get a reply :( i do hold out hope though - he might be very busy with mask production and he might not have enough time in the day to get to everything.

Oneeyedjack said...

Man I'm so not into those masks. It'd be like fucking a cartoon! :)

Anonymous said...

oneeyedjack, why is that a bad thing? Have you really looked at Jessica Rabbit, for example? :o)

Heck, even Betty Boop is sexier than a lot of women I've met!

But more importantly: It's not all about "f*cking." If you think it is, you're missing a lot of the point.