Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just a glimpse into my new mind....

its been a lovely collaboration between me and evil dolly, sort of my requests and occasional suggestions here and there. but she's done it mainly and should be proud of the results. as it is, its doing far more for me than any other script so far and i am so greatfull for finding a kindred doll....

i will post the complete script sometime, but i want it all for myself for now. atleast untill its fused into me and there's no possible escape. :-) so here's just a small section.



You want to wear latex.
You need to. More and more.
Every day.
Do it for the doll inside.
You must.
It makes you strong, confident, submissive, beautiful.
You don't feel right without latex.
You're already addicted to it.
Deepen the addiction.
Every time you put it on, it makes you more of a doll.
More the way you were meant to be.
Your hands will hesitate when you have to take it off.
Because you want to wear it just a little longer.
Give in. Wear it longer.
Putting it on is a symbol.
A silent affirmation that you want to become a doll.
A symbol of your dedication to this.
This overwhelming need that consumes you.
This desire that is so irresistably powerful.
You want to wear more and more.
Longer and longer.
The more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes.
Wearing latex will become natural to you.
Latex will become a part of your body.
A part of your self-identity.
Wearing latex won't be a special occasion,
It will be all the time.
It is not a fantasy. It is not a dream.
It is reality.
Every time you wear it, it makes you want to wear more.
Your wardrobe will consist of more and more latex.
Gradually replacing your normal clothes.
Soon you won't need them anymore.
Just latex.
You can never get enough.
Until it takes over.
It is not an outfit. It is not a costume.
It is you.
Your true self.

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