Tuesday, August 08, 2006

dolls on myspace?

so just how many dolls are there on my space. well there are certianly loads of people with dolls in their names as the pretty plastic thing to the left demonstrates.

i've not even tried looking for barbies or mannequins.

some even like posing just like dolls in their online gallery....



Oneeyedjack said...

Myspace is full of kinky people, dolls, rubberists and assorted pervs of all types. (gee what a surprise, more kinky people connecting online! gasp!)

The doll meme is pretty damn popular everywhere if you haven't noticed - they did make a movie called "The Stepford Wives," many years ago...

Go check out www.rubberpal.com and see how many people have doll in their name.

If you're on Myspace, look me up!

Tyrrhian said...

Do you have a link for the pic - i.e., to its author?

Usagi said...

Seen on a Tee Shirt this Weekend:

“Why can’t people love me for who I am, and not the nineteen year-old nymphomanic college girl I play on MySpace?”

Oneeyedjack said...

Funny one Usagi!

Although the world does need 19 year old college nymphos.