Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new yahoo group from the uk

not that i really matters where _anyone_ is on the internet, unless of course they want to set up a dolls house and looking for nearby dolls to make over and put on display....

anyway go check out the objectification in the uk yahoo group and join.

is it me or is all the kinky people in europe and the uk specifically? they have the highest density of latex designers in london compared to anywhere. not to mention the numbers of monthly and _weekly_ rubber fetish clubs there....

maybe i should move?



SteveMND said...

Despite all our posturing, America's always been more prudish than most of the Western World. :-)

I remember when I was a kid, and watching Monty Python on PBS, I was stunned that in one scene there was a pretty young women with no top on at all, her bare breasts just out there like it was no big deal.

That was thirty years ago on British broadcast TV, and here in the US we still wouldn't be able to even get close to that ("wardrobe malfunctions" not withstanding).

Oneeyedjack said...

Latex is certainly bigger in Europe, it's no secret. That doesn't mean there aren't kinky folks right here in NYC though. We've come to meet a lot of really cool, latex loving pervs without leaving the city. In fact my dolly helps The Baroness throw NYC's longest running monthly fetish party, and it'll be returning from summer break in September! :)

WinterRose said...

Well, I know for DAMN sure I may be the SOLE Dolly, ASFR and Mind Control representiative among us in the Southeastern United States. And finding some decent latex fetishists here in North Carolina? I might as well be looking for a Mountain Lion on Rollerskates.

Tyrrhian, UK said...

We'd certainly like it if you moved!

Not sure where this group is going yet: we hope to have some new artwork and stories up over time.

And if anyone can contribute, they would be welcome.

But we also want it to be the core for a real life group...which is why US persons are welcome, but might not be able to make some of our get-togethers.

We were planning some quiet soirées with furniture and subs as display objets d'art.

Oneeyedjack said...

Best of luck with that Tyrrhian. Sounds like my kind of party!