Friday, August 04, 2006

the problem with molded latex....

there's several, but one i had forgotten is that it needs to be deeply washed _several_ times before wearing.

i've been wearing a a bathing cap when i get home from work to get used to having latex on my head, even to the point wanting to be of being able to sleep with it on. so i also bought a molded latex hood off ebay for about 20$ and after ten days it arrived so i tried it on before i left for work this morning.

its a thickish latex with less stretch than my panties for example. anyway after what i considered to be an unreasonable wait (i've had tuff from englands faster) i tried it on.

its tight for sure, just can stick out my tongue and and see through the eye holes. a bit of work to put on for sure and way way more compression on my pretty head than the bathing cap i'm practicing with.

then i noticed the stinging... and took it off.

my face looks like i've had a bit too much sun. there's some sort of chemical used in the making of it thats not good on human skin. its lessoned now but its still a bit sore. just like a sun burn. hope its ok tommorow. i'll put some sun cream on and see if that helps.

and i'll wash and rewash the hood about four times before i dare put it on again.

thats one, i'll continue the list later but i think i really need to get a proper hood. :-(



Anonymous said...

wash it in babyshampoo

FellipeC said...

Wow! I never know that this can happens! Thanks for advice

Oneeyedjack said...

Certainly worth investing in a proper, glued latex hood. Get it made to measure too if you can afford it as you want it to fit as well as possible. Marquis makes great hoods, as do Rubber55 and HW Design. We're happy with the hoods we have bought from all of them.

blackice said...

I generally warn people off molded items due to this and their relative fagililty. Best things that are molded are gloves and skirts. Poss underwear too.

Actually the Denbar latex is cheap enough that I've given a latex skirt to someone as an Xmas gift - saying it was a joke - and she liked it!


Asudem Latex said...

its now in the wash with some other things. so i hope its ok when its finished. i hear a warm wash does a deep clean to latex.

i tried it on last night and it was better but still semi stingy.

looks like a proper hood is best option.


Dark said...

I have a molded hood from a company in Germany called OG Style. The hood is an antomical and very thick but stretchy latex. It is very unlikely to rip, but this model fits male head. Because of the anatomical design the fit is very comfy.. more so than my expensive panel made hoods... especially the nose and chin/jaw area. Its long necked and very wearable for extended use.

Anonymous said...

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