Thursday, August 17, 2006

a series of short films and My Fair Dolly

an amazing find for all those windows users out there by - J (it doesn't work on my mac and it needs latest system and Explorer) - just click here

he explained:

"If you click the "Watch" button (you have to be using Internet Explorer) and get through the long trailer that they lead off with, the site actually starts showing you the movie itself. The first eight minute episode is
titled "My Fair Dolly,"

An old clockmaker discovers a life-size mechanical doll and repairs her clockwork. Much to the dismay of the clockmaker and the delight of his customers, the doll has a tendency to remove her own clothing, in herky-jerky, doll-like motions. Finally the sorrowful clockmaker puts the doll back in her bag, and leaves her wind-up key in the safekeeping of his dead wife's portrait.

And it looks as if you can download the whole thing with a free seven-day trial at that CinemaNow site that we've been looking at."

There's a website dedicated to the entire Serie-Galante here.

enjoy and thanks again J for the great find!!!



userjesse said...

I simply love this video, had found it at a friends a few months ago, the actress really has a great nack for the robotic movements, great for us ASFR fans ^.^

WinterRose said...

I believe I've got this on an archive disk somewhere courtesy of my ol pal Hepzibah.

Rusty Nail said...

I watched volume 1 of these stories on CinemaNow a few months ago. Anyone know where I could find this video on DVD? Several weeks ago, I found a place in Taiwan that sold them, but they ended up cancelling the order, after not being able to fill it.