Thursday, November 23, 2006

doll photo sets

most of the images i find come from art or fashion spreads and the occasional illustrations done by digital artist. (please please email me any finds!)

another catergory which i've not really explored is the pay photo series. this is not the same thing as a fetish or misstresses pay subscription site, rather sets of images are sold in several different ways. download or dvds by post.

a recent addition to light speedimages is a living doll collection. he mainly dealt with painted women in all sorts of ways - like the iconic scene from james bond's 'goldfinger' or even the green slave woman from the original star trek.

all cds cost 19.95US$ and contain a minimum of 100 images!

but go explore his site as even if you don't want to part with any money, his galleries are extremely generous in their samples and image size. you may never look of a can of paint the same way again.... ;-)


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