Friday, November 24, 2006

from 4"s to....

i am still heel training and in the last week or so i was digging through my closet and made a find i had totally forgot about. a pair of 4 3/4" black pvc knee boots. now i must of bought them in the spring, online when my boot obsession full took hold but i guess i had problems wearing them or they were too tight or something. not sure.

my staple boots are getting loose on my ankles and calfs. and one of the decidely erotic aspects besides the heel height of the boots is the feeling on your legs of the tight material encasing them so.

i tried them on and wow - they fit well and i could walk in them.

the months and months of wearing thr 4"s have indeed prepared me for higher heels. ok so not th 5"s or the ballet boots as yet.... a start none the less.

so i'm slowly going to phase out my 4"s, as comfy and as nice as they are, and move onto the new ultra shiny pvc knee boots.

oh and did i mention they look hot? ;-)


1 comment:

Bradley said...

Excellent! :D

And, if the boots are tight and shiny enough, maybe you'll even be tempted to sleep in them....that is one of the two things we discussed in email that tends to lead to being *stuck* on high tiptoe (that "pied au chat" thing). Sleeping and otherwise being in the heels nearly 24/7, and being as close to, if not beyond, the 5-inch threshhold. :)

You're getting there though, becoming more dolly each day....just remember, Any Progress Beats None. And keep up the most excellent work!